Hello, people of the internet.
I know I haven’t been very active here lately – which is due to many factors such as work and life AND last but not least a general lack of inspiration that has very recently been blown away.

As some of you might now, I had the honor to be Unity’s guest this year and attend Unite 2018 in Berlin and as I see some negative nancies complaining and withholding a lot of information ….


Because who cares about balanced journalism right?

I feel it is only fair to share an honest AND fair view of what really went on. The good and the bad so let’s do that:

First of all, you should know what Unite is in order to understand anything at all.
It’s basically a mecca for everyone who is mildly interested in the games industry. It’s a place where people who actually know about their field talk and educate attendees about Unity, a place where you can get informed on what’s yet to come and where you’ll get inspired to try new features and to do something amazing you might have never dared to try, that’s at least the general vibe but just as with everything in life – things can go south and some of them did but that’s not the end of the world.

I, For example, heard Liz Mercuri talking about Cinemachine and I wanted to create my own game with cinematic split scenes or Josh Naylors Post-Processing talk that made me think about some creepy games in the style of Inside but even cooler! Or the new Prefabs that were announced during the Key Note with a bang (… or rather a shit ton of glitter) that probably made everyone happy who ever worked on a huge-ass project with x-thousands of prefabs. Or MARS … which is the first feature that made me actively interested in AR – announced by Timoni West, also during the Key Note… And this is only a short selection.

You could say the physical effects I took away from Unite were a tickling in my fingertips wanting to start working on something right at that moment (after feeling worn-out and uninspired for a while) and with hurting feet ;-).

In all fairness and this is what this post is about I have to say that I wished some things would have been planned better – they probably had a rough estimate of the people that had bought tickets and it didn’t seem as if they were all prepared for it, at least not at the first day and while that doesn’t make it go away entirely they constantly tried to fix things. The seating situation was much better the second day so was the food at least if you like potatoes and on day three I heard a lot of people LOVED the food (I didn’t have any so I don’t know, sorry!).

For me going to Unite wasn’t about food anyways and not even about learning in general but more about getting out of my own little cage.

As someone with a huge lack of people-skills and who suffers from being anxious and self-conscious all the time, I have to say that my most positive experience about Unite were the people that I met. People that I  had idolized and followed for a while. I met people who follow me and who turned out to be as sweet as sugar. I met some of the Unity Staff in person, that I only had known from Twitter before and generally everybody was just amazing. I can’t stress enough how happy I am that I went over my anxieties and self-confidence issues and just went there. I met people who I genuinely believe will be my friends for a long time to come.

All-in-All I have to say that my general take away from Unite is positive. I think a lot of the complaints people have voiced where valid but I also permanently saw Unity trying to improve things during the event. That is generally a good indicator of knowing that someone actually gives a shit and isn’t overhearing/ignoring criticism. So maybe try and consider good AND bad.


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