As you may know, I’ve recently discovered the road of doing things in Parts and actually trying to make little series for you, and I have been enjoying that quite a bit. In all honesty – it also allows me to have this Patreon Early Access thing going (no judgment please :))!

In honor of that, I decided to make a longer series. Mostly because I am interested to see how this turns out, if I can keep up with it and how it will be received in general.

As some of you might know – I am a big fan of anything that has to do with AI. I know that artificial intelligence can be a bit of a myth for some people and granted, there is a lot to know about it – so, I decided to write a series on programming AI in Unity.

I want to ultimately give you a full guide on the topic. I’d highly appreciate feedback to maybe help in gathering information on how I can make these articles as useful as possible for you.


  • Movement  –
    (base classes and steering movement algorithms)
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Decision Making
    (Finite Statemachines and Behavior Trees)
  • Navigation from scratch
    (Introduction of different Pathfinding algorithms)
  • Navigation using NavMesh
    (Working with the new NavMesh API)
  • Agent Awareness
  • Search Algorithms

Moving Pictures:

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